Nancy J. Lewis

Nancy J. Lewis is a sought after motivational speaker and management development trainer who works with organizations that want to develop their employees’ full potential. As business strategist, she helps organizations work through change and employee differences and engagement in Managing Productive Conflict, Leveraging the Generational Divide, Diversity and Inclusion, Team building, Employee Relations, and Employee Resource Group Development. Confident, convincing delivery with high energy and enthusiasm that ignites and inspires her clients to take action leading to increased productivity and performance.

Through her keynote addresses, customized seminars and individualized coaching sessions, she helps people who want more impact in their personal and professional lives. Nancy’s areas of focus include diversity, leadership, millennials, customer service, change management, and personal enrichment. Former adjunct Dale Carnegie instructor where she was certified in four of their courses.

Always on the cutting-edge of what matters most to her clients, she addresses hot topics such as: Leveraging Millennials in the Workplace, Recruiting and Retaining Employees, Engaging Disengaged Employees, Taking Charge of Your Career and Leveraging Differences in the Workplace.

Through her company Progressive Techniques Inc. she offers additional services including: Developing Leaders at Every Level, Intentional Leadership. Forget Networking…It’s All About Connections, Putting Accountability Back in the Workplace, and The Power of Trust. Registered Corporate Coach (RCC), Millennial Expert, Diversity and Inclusion Expert, Communication Skills Expert, Facilitator, and Human Resources Professional.